Before we get started

Today is the day I leave to San Diego to board the ship The Statendam and head off on my eight months journey as a cruise ship photographer. I am nervous to say the least but I will give as much detail and feedback on this adventure I can possibly cover.

My thoughts on the contract itself suffice it to say is “eight months?” I am not sure why its not either six months or even a one year contract. Eight months seems odd however, it’s a good chunk of time, almost the same time I spent abroad in Japan.

I have not received the most detailed info about the trip and what to expect. Please note I have a special circumstance and did not have to go on the ship and meet face to face for the interview process. I am sure if you are to go on the ship, speak with the crew and see firsthand how life is like then you would have detailed info about what you would be getting into. Most of the info I have received over email and facebook has been general and simple info such as booking a ticket, simple camera set up equipment and a very very general guide on what to bring as far as clothes, toiletries and misc items.

As far as what to expect for the cruise itself I was given good detailed info about what to expect, what life is like on the ship and the work process. As we have established the contract is eight months and I will be traveling to Alaska, Bahamas and South America. Room, Board, Food, and “living expenses” are paid for so all the money I obtain over the eight month contract I keep. Say for haircuts, laundry and alcohol purchases. I will be sure to share with you the living conditions and daily activities in the next few days when I arrive on ship.

Until then, see you behind the camera.

Two Sides to Every Story

As most of you may know I have had the utmost privilege to work on tv and movie sets as a photographer. However, over the past few weeks I have been casted as a background and feature actor working in front of the camera on the big screen.

The most recent opportunity allowed me to become featured for the first time thanks to the lovely, gorgeous and talented Jené Nicole Johnson on our first episode of the new show "Scorpion". You can find the trailer here: The cast assumed we were a couples because of our chemistry and showcased us in two scenes.

Some other roles I have had the fortune to work in include It is Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The News Room, and the new Fast and Furious 7 movie. I can’t help but wonder if I am going to pull a Clint Eastwood but for some reason or another I have been enrolled in acting...

One thing is for sure though, I am a story teller and will continue to work on creating stories with others and sharing other people’s stories through photography and film.

What do you think? Please feel free to write your comments below and tell your story of how you started in the business of acting, filming or photographing.

C with the Client CLEyoga

Its so easy to forget that when your are taking photos of someone, its not just about you or just about the model or client...It is the working relationship of how you C the client and how the client Cs you. After grabbing a double double no bun extra lettuce burger at In'n'Out, I sat down chatted with our model/client Cristina. "Its becoming more and more clear on how relationships develop both in front of the camera and away from the camera". 

Christine found that between her professional life and her personal life she wanted to have balance and piece of mind for a few minutes each day without hindering her busy schedule. As a result, CLEyoga was developed for bringing Creative, Contemporary yoga to business professionals while helping boost energy, creativity and productivity at the workplace. She just launched just under a month ago.

Concepts evolve to bring new creative idea to businesses across the world. Fortunately, I have been gracuous enough to build my business with other successful entrepreneurs who are passion about who they are and what they are creating here in California. Thank you everyone and continue to create your life the way you want everyday!

"When words are not enough, I complete the picture." - Brian Doyle

Updated 3rd Generation Logo

After several attempts at creating a logo for branding purposes and my new website, I decided on this idea through consultation with my art brother Ben Wuest. The logo represents a b (for Brian) d (for Doyle) p (for Photography). I am open to feedback so please let me know what you think!