C with the Client CLEyoga

Its so easy to forget that when your are taking photos of someone, its not just about you or just about the model or client...It is the working relationship of how you C the client and how the client Cs you. After grabbing a double double no bun extra lettuce burger at In'n'Out, I sat down chatted with our model/client Cristina. "Its becoming more and more clear on how relationships develop both in front of the camera and away from the camera". 

Christine found that between her professional life and her personal life she wanted to have balance and piece of mind for a few minutes each day without hindering her busy schedule. As a result, CLEyoga was developed for bringing Creative, Contemporary yoga to business professionals while helping boost energy, creativity and productivity at the workplace. She just launched just under a month ago.

Concepts evolve to bring new creative idea to businesses across the world. Fortunately, I have been gracuous enough to build my business with other successful entrepreneurs who are passion about who they are and what they are creating here in California. Thank you everyone and continue to create your life the way you want everyday!

"When words are not enough, I complete the picture." - Brian Doyle