Faceless Talent


I started this project called “faceless talent” to give talented individuals/groups and opportunity to become known and to enrich the community and its people. While visiting California for a class, I found there are so many talent artists and street performers and yet no one knows about them or has a clue who they are. Also, it is interesting to see that so many people use their amazing talent to “survive” rather than using their talents to share with others and create a professional career. So, I instilled an idea/project to stand for others and their passion of life and talent. I am working with 50 talented individuals taking photos, interviewing them and recording a video. I created a dedicated website and you-tube channel to help create visibility and marketing for them to gain traction and become seen and/or help find employment. I am in the game life with other and for others, and as a human I am taking a stand for humanity. All the work done is volunteer. 

What possibility this impact could create with this community and in the eyes of how others are seen:

1. Provides talented individuals job opportunities where there were none.

2. Transforms the community and turns the area around into a thriving meca.

3. Shows others and the community that if you are truly amazing and aspire to be great, greatness is in all of us and anyone can make it happen regardless of who they are, where they are from, what they do or what people think of them.

4. Also, how amazing would it be discover the next Michael Jackson singing their heart out on Venice beach, or the next Frida Kahlo selling her paintings away for only $20 bucks a canvas and making them the next big star?