Virtual Classes

Schedule virtual workshops tailored to your specific interests. I offer group or private sessions for all levels of photographers, from beginners to professionals, at the destination of your choice. 



Editing Classes

Ranging from beginner to advanced, these classes provide you the tools and knowledge to create both transferrable edits and in-depth post-productions skills to bring your photos to life.

Topics covered:

  • Fundamentals of Composition
  • Image Cataloging
  • Lightroom Classic Slider Breakdown
  • Building Base Edit Presets
  • Sculpting Light and Selective Adjustments with Masks
  • Color Balancing and Editing for Social Media
  • Luminosity Masking & Blending Images

You'll be able to use your raw files to edit so you can test out the techniques as you watch and or have me edit your photos.

Virtual Workshops

My virtual workshops offer the flexibility to work around your schedule and interests. Whether you are interested in a photography crash course for beginners or an advanced in-depth multi-week program, I look forward to helping you receive the most out of your photography experience. 

Topics covered:

  • Location Scouting and Shoot Preparation
  • Photography Concepts 
  • Fundamentals of Composition
  • ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture
  • DSLR & Mirroless Camera Settings

You'll be able to use your camera so you can test out the techniques as you watch and or have me go through your settings.

- Virtual Workshops $100/hr -

- Editing in Lightroom or Photoshop: $100/hr -

- One-on-One Coaching/Mentorship: Email me for a personalized quote -

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